The facilities

We have two plants within walking distance of each other. Both located in Lelystad, situated in the centre of The Netherlands. Only 40 minutes from Schiphol Airport.

Plant 1 | Binnenhavenweg 31

This is where are our offices are located and where it all began. We have all our materials coming in via plant 1 and a large part of the processing is done at this location.

  • Sales office
  • Inbound of the scrap
  • Processing (inspection, screening, grinding, shredding and micronizing)
  • Laboratory
  • Plastisol kitchen

Plant 2 | Staalstraat 2

We recently opened this plant as we were expanding rapidly. We have mainly situated the outgoing stock from this location, a great part is reserved for warehousing. Still it leaves us enough space to work on innovative recycling processes.

  • Outbound raw materials
  • Extrusion
  • The Flooring project
  • The Bloody Serious project

The Laboratory

In Plant 1 you will find our lab. We have the opportunity to be able to perform a number of tests. We apply a comprehensive inspection when the material comes to us, but we also want to give guarantees on the material we process.

  • We test the viscosity of our PVC plastisols.  We can alter the plastisol in our ‘pasta kitchen’ to  improve and offer our clients the right type of pasta.
  • We test the percentage of filler.  For instance we have a mix and we are not 100% sure of the amount of filler present, we give it a go in the oven.  We let it sit for a couple of hours in 900 degrees celsius, the CaCo3 remains present.
  • We test our materials on the precense of metals with the help of our XRF-scanner.
  • We use our calendar to create sheets. Via this sheet you can optically inspect the material, if it contains any contamination and it tells us more about the shore hardness and density of the material.  We use a shore- and density meter to investigate further.
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