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GreenDeal objectives pushed forward

What does this mean?

It was announced yesterday that Minister Rob Jetten has brought forward the GreenDeal opbjectives. By 2027, 25% of raw materials must consist of a recyclate.

For us, the recycler, this sounds like music to our ears.Every year we process thousands of tons of PVC into material that can be put to good use in new products. In your eyes probably a win win. So why write this? The economy is under pressure, producers have to pay extra attention to costs. Previously, the price difference between recyclate and new material was large, ‘sustainable’ purchasing was done. But today the difference in price is relatively small and competition in this field has increased. It is also complicated for many companies to experiment when the production process is fully automated. And if more workers have to be hired, costs will increase. Also, the disposal (landfill or incineration) of waste is sometimes more attractive than recycling.Unfortunately, policy alone will not get you there. How can we really ensure that producers can use more recyclate? One possible solution is to offer tax breaks to companies that increase their use of recycled materials. In addition, clear agreements must be made about the reuse and recycling process of plastics. Our European waste law is based on linear, the enforcer in many cases does not know what to do with the new situation and is behind the circular facts! If a material can be used directly as a feedstock, it is a raw material. But because the material was a floor mat in a previous life, this definition is in question.


Let’s get together, right now!

The whole chain needs to be at the table to come up with solutions. Producers must be held responsible for their waste and its recycling. But also consumers can be more conscious about plastics and recycle more, but fair is fair, most don’t know how!One way to encourage this is through education and awareness, we are trying to bring these together through for example The Inflatable Project (processing inflatable PVC products), Bloody Serious (processing medical PVC items from Dutch hospitals) and our collaboration with Cotap its VloerRetour project among others. Let’s work together to ensure that the goals of the GreenDeal are achieved and the Netherlands can develop into a leader in recycling and sustainability.

We have invited Excellency through an open letter to join the conversation with us! Our hearts beat with anticipation…