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Back-door-guests are the best!

Strolling through the scrap yard

One thing we’ve learned from our experience, sourcing for pvc scrap, is to never leave the premisses before checking the scrap yard!

One of the first things we all learn, starting out at in this business, is to keep a close contact with your buyers and suppliers. Especially with new suppliers it is an absolute necessity to pay them a visit. We know that the scrap yard is never their priority, as it is not commercial at all.


However, do you know the complete range of scrap your production line is producing? When we enter a factory we are welcomed to see the complete supply chain. That is not where our magic happens. We search for bins between the machines, IBC’s in the back… or a lonely barrel with some mysterious liquid in it. We look for containers with floor sweeps and barrels or IBC’s with condensate plasticizer.

When we find these gems, the people who show us around are always amazed. They have been offering these materials as (chemical) waste to a recovery facility. The money they spend on it! Oh my… The look in their eyes, when we tell them these materials still have a value, and a positive effect on their P&L’s. Even more important is the environmental influence, why burn it, if you can reuse it?

So, perhaps it is time to take another stroll around your scrap yard, or better, invite us to do so!